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Marketing & Communications Materials

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For Healthy Congregations to achieve its potential, people need to know about your activities and events. That's the purpose of this marketing material -- to invite your congregation, as well as those who may not have a church home, to get involved and embrace healthier choices.

This campaign was chosen by The Council on Foundations for recognition at its 2008 awards program for communications excellence.

These materials are designed for you to personalize with your local information. The messages are compelling and will effectively communicate both with your congregation (bulletin inserts and newsletter drop-ins) as well as with your community in general (newspaper and radio).

A complete index of marketing materials and a usage guide with instructions are available for download in pdf format. All of the marketing materials are available as downloads below. Certain items are also available in pre-printed form while quantities last. Use this order form to request pre-printed materials. You can fill it out in Adobe Reader, then email the filled form to or print and mail to UMHMF, PO Box 1384, Hutchinson, KS 67504-1384. To avoid waste, please order only what your team will use.

Newspaper Ads

There are six different 3 column x 8" newspaper ads which you can schedule as a series, or use individually.

  • newspaper ads previewEach ad has a live text box so you can insert specific information about your programs. You can either list several activities in the box with the Activities/Time/Place text, or feature one or two with greater prominence.
  • There is a space for your church name or logo. It also has a live text box for your use. Be sure to include your address and/or directions as well as your phone number.
  • You can insert your local information prior to supplying the ads to the newspaper, or have the newspaper do it for you. The digital files can be emailed to the newspaper, or you can burn them onto a CD to provide them. (Check with your newspaper to see whether EPS or PDF files are preferred.)

Radio Spots

Download Scripts (PDF) | Download Music (MP3)
Scripts for four radio spots are in a PDF document. They were written to be recorded using an instrumental version of our theme anthem with a Hallelujah Health vocal close.

  • Each spot has a place to add your specific information and identification for your church. The scripts include suggested copy guidelines, but you may need to alter those for your particular needs.
  • Someone from your church can go to the station to record the spots, or you can have a station announcer do it. Just be sure it's a warm, friendly, inviting delivery!
  • There is an MP3 file of the Hallelujah Health music in the folder. You can either burn the MP3 file onto a CD to take to the station for the recording session, or email the file along with the completed scripts.

Postcards for Direct Mail

The four 4" x 6" full-color postcards can be used individually or as a series for a consistent direct mail campaign.

  • postcard previewsThe files provided are for the front side. So, you have all the space on the left portion of the address side to imprint specific localized information and your church identification.
  • Particularly when mailing to people other than your church members, be sure to include your address and phone number.
  • The JPG and PDF files are for your use if reproducing these on your church printer. If you use a commercial printer, the high-resolution EPS files will produce the best results (although some printers may prefer the PDF files).

Door Hangersdoor hanger previews

Effective tools for neighborhood canvassing. There are two different messages, each designed with space for your local information. The PDF and EPS files have live text boxes.

  • You can also print on the back side of the door hangers if you want to provide more information
  • The JPG and PDF files are for your use with an office printer
  • The EPS and PDF files are for a commercial printer




Six different posters are included in both 11" x 17" and 8.5" x 11" sizes.poster previews

  • Each has space for you to add specific information about your events as well as your church identification. All files except the JPGs have live text boxes for your use.
  • As with the newspaper ads, you can list several activities in the box as we've indicated with the Activities/Time/Place text, or feature one or two more prominently.
  • The 8.5" x 11" size is furnished in JPG and PDF formats for you to use with your church printer.
  • The 11" x 17" size is furnished in high-resolution EPS and PDF files for a commercial printer. The printing company can insert your local information and church identification.


Church Bulletin Insertsbulletin insert previews

These are designed to be 8.5" x 5.5". There are four different messages.

  • As with the postcards, the files provided are for the front side. The entire back side is available for you to imprint information about specific programs and events.
  • If reproducing these on an office printer, use the JPG or PDF files.
  • These are also available in pre-printed format


Newsletter Drop-Ins

These short, provocative messages can be easily placed in your newsletters when extra space is available. There are a variety of different messages in three sizes:

larger vertical drop-ins preview smaller vertical drop-ins preview small drop-ins preview

The PDF version for each size contains all messages on one page. The JPG files contain one individual message each.

Stickers, Name Tags, and ButtonsHealthy Congregations Sticker templates

Templates for preparing the printing files are available at the label suppliers' web sites. Then you can use the artwork provided to create:


We encourage you to use the distinctive, inspiring hymn written exclusively for the Healthy Congregations campaign. Hallelujah Health is provided in MP3 format in three versions - one specifically arranged for children so it will add a fresh sound to Vacation Bible School and/or youth choirs.

If your church is not yet participating and you have questions about the program, please contact Jeff Gamber for assistance. If your church has already signed up, please contact the program administrator, Judy Johnston, for more information at or 316-293-1832.