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Newspaper Ads

There are six different 3 column x 8" newspaper ads which you can schedule as a series, or use individually.

  • newspaper ads previewEach ad has a live text box so you can insert specific information about your programs. You can either list several activities in the box with the Activities/Time/Place text, or feature one or two with greater prominence.
  • There is a space for your church name or logo. It also has a live text box for your use. Be sure to include your address and/or directions as well as your phone number.
  • You can insert your local information prior to supplying the ads to the newspaper, or have the newspaper do it for you. The digital files can be emailed to the newspaper, or you can burn them onto a CD to provide them. (Check with your newspaper to see whether EPS or PDF files are preferred.)
Blossom Ad
Change Ad
Blossom Newspaper Ad
Change Newspaper Ad

Download PDF or EPS

Download PDF or EPS
Exercise Ad
Good Health Ad
exercise poster thumbnail
good sense poster thumbnail
Download PDF or EPS
Download PDF or EPS
Channel Zapper Ad
Gift Ad
tv zapper poster thumbnail
your gift poster thumbnail
Download PDF or EPS
Download PDF or EPS

If your church is not yet participating and you have questions about the program, please contact Jeff Gamber for assistance. If your church has already signed up, please contact the program administrator, Judy Johnston, for more information at or 316-293-1832.