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Postcards for Direct Mail

The four 4" x 6" full-color postcards can be used individually or as a series for a consistent direct mail campaign.

  • The files provided are for the front side. So, you have all the space on the left portion of the address side to imprint specific localized information and your church identification.
  • Particularly when mailing to people other than your church members, be sure to include your address and phone number.
  • The JPG and PDF files are for your use if reproducing these on your church printer. If you use a commercial printer, the high-resolution EPS files will produce the best results (although some printers may prefer the PDF files).
Change Postcard
Channel Zapper Postcard
change postcard thumbnail channel zapper postcard thumbnail
Download JPG | PDF | EPS
Download JPG | PDF | EPS
Church Dinners Postcard
Exercise Postcard
church dinners postcard thumbnail exercise postcard thumbnail
Download JPG | PDF | EPS
Download JPG | PDF | EPS

If your church is not yet participating and you have questions about the program, please contact Jeff Gamber for assistance. If your church has already signed up, please contact the program administrator, Judy Johnston, for more information at or 316-293-1832.